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SOTW 09: Introducing Yourself

Now you’ve learnt fingerspelling, you can start introducing yourself!

Members of the Deaf community usually have sign names, which incorporate an aspect of the person’s name with the sign of their favourite activity or most prominent feature.

When introducing yourself, it is customary to first give your sign name then spell out your full name. When interacting with a group of deaf and hearing people, you should also indicate if you are deaf or hearing.

Here’s how it’s done:

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SOTW 08: Fingerspelling

Think you know your alphabet so well you can recite it backwards? Well, time to try signing it!

The SgSL fingerspelling is based on the ASL fingerspelling. In fact, they are identical except for the letter ‘T’, which has been modified because the original sign is offensive in the local context.

Fingerspelling is integral to sign language and is used mainly for names and words that lack signs. Once you master it, you can pretty much communicate anything you want!

Check out the video here:

Here’s a ASL Fingerspelling chart. Note how the letter ‘T’ differs from the video.

ASL Fingerspelling

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SOTW 06: Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Get the stammers just thinking how you’re going to ask your crush out? Why not sign it? It might just win their heart over.

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SOTW 05: Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Surprise your relatives this year by offering your Chinese New Year greetings in sign!

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SOTW 04: Thank You

Thank you everybody for your support of Sign of the Week so far. We hope you have learnt a thing or two! And to further show our sincerity, let us sign it to you.

Signing Tips:

When signing ‘thank you very much’, bow a little to emphasise your gratitude!

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SOTW 03: Nice to Meet You

Whether you made a new friend today or simply seek some affirmation in the mirror, it’s always pleasant to let people now how much you appreciate their acquaintance.

Note on Sign Grammar:

When signing, it is important to indicate the subject and object of a sentence. This is the same reason why we write ‘I met him yesterday’ rather than ‘me met he yesterday’. The equivalent in sign is the concept of directionality. In this week’s sign, the word MEET should be signed in the direction of the person you are speaking to, as demonstrated in the Recap section of the video.


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SOTW 02: Daily Greetings

How better to start a day than with a hearty ‘Good Morning’!

A ‘Good Afternoon’, I hear you say?

Well, whenever and however you prefer to slip out of bed, spice up your daily greetings by signing them!

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SOTW 01: Happy New Year

It’s 2014!

Happy New Year!

Now how do you say that in sign language? Check out our very first sign of the week!

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Welcome to Sign of the Week

Are you looking for something fresh and fun? Perhaps challenging and exciting too?

Many would recommend learning a new language. We agree. But let us up the ante.  What would you say to learning some sign language?

In this series, we teach you basic Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). You will learn how to greet your friends and introduce yourself. You will share your hobbies, express your feelings, and discuss your favourite travel destinations. During festive seasons, we will also teach you how to sign common greetings.

Get your friends and family to sign along. After all, the more is indeed the merrier. And who knows, you might just decide that sign language is how you prefer to express yourself!

So start now and watch our welcome video here:

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