SOTW 05: Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Surprise your relatives this year by offering your Chinese New Year greetings in sign!

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SOTW 04: Thank You

Thank you everybody for your support of Sign of the Week so far. We hope you have learnt a thing or two! And to further show our sincerity, let us sign it to you.

Signing Tips:

When signing ‘thank you very much’, bow a little to emphasise your gratitude!

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SOTW 03: Nice to Meet You

Whether you made a new friend today or simply seek some affirmation in the mirror, it’s always pleasant to let people now how much you appreciate their acquaintance.

Note on Sign Grammar:

When signing, it is important to indicate the subject and object of a sentence. This is the same reason why we write ‘I met him yesterday’ rather than ‘me met he yesterday’. The equivalent in sign is the concept of directionality. In this week’s sign, the word MEET should be signed in the direction of the person you are speaking to, as demonstrated in the Recap section of the video.


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Sign language education emancipates Cambodian deaf

Source: ST Asia Report

Source: ST Asia Report

Until the late 1990s, Cambodia is one of the few countries with no sign language of its own. Through the work of American priest Father Dittmeier and with the help of foreign linguists, a local language has developed over the years, allowing the once scattered deaf population to communicate and participate in community life. Read this story of social liberation here at The Straits Times Asia Report.

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SOTW 02: Daily Greetings

How better to start a day than with a hearty ‘Good Morning’!

A ‘Good Afternoon’, I hear you say?

Well, whenever and however you prefer to slip out of bed, spice up your daily greetings by signing them!

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Jan’14: Sign Language and Deaf Community

Sign Language

Have you ever thought that sign language is not ‘really’ a language, but just a loose collection of gestures that imitate oral languages? Or that there is one sign language that is universally understood?

If you have, you are not alone.

Misconceptions about sign language are much more common than people think. The two mentioned above serve as an interesting starting point to explore sign languages and their relationship with Deaf1 communities. Continue reading

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SOTW 01: Happy New Year

It’s 2014!

Happy New Year!

Now how do you say that in sign language? Check out our very first sign of the week!

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Sports school receives Deaf bowling talent

Kimberly Quek

Source: Today Online

Read the inspiring of Kimberly Quek, who is 95% deaf and has decided to pursue her sporting dreams at the Singapore Sports School. Scouted at the Primary 6 inter-school bowling competition, Kimberly is starts her secondary education as the highest PSLE scorer in the school’s new Secondary 1 batch.

Read the original article here on Today Online.

Welcome to Sign of the Week

Are you looking for something fresh and fun? Perhaps challenging and exciting too?

Many would recommend learning a new language. We agree. But let us up the ante.  What would you say to learning some sign language?

In this series, we teach you basic Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). You will learn how to greet your friends and introduce yourself. You will share your hobbies, express your feelings, and discuss your favourite travel destinations. During festive seasons, we will also teach you how to sign common greetings.

Get your friends and family to sign along. After all, the more is indeed the merrier. And who knows, you might just decide that sign language is how you prefer to express yourself!

So start now and watch our welcome video here:

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Welcome to YBlog!

First things first.

A big HELLO from the jolly folks at YBlog!

As part of Youthbeat, a volunteer group with the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf), we aim to promote interest in Deaf culture and, through improving understanding, bring together deaf and hearing youths.

So what can you expect?

To begin with, follow us and you get to enjoy our regular features such as Sign of the Week, where we teach you basic conversation in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL), and monthly articles on various Deaf interest topics.

You can look forward to gaining more insights (quite literally) into Deaf culture and activities through photo essays, event reviews, and various curated content we bring to you from all over the web and world.

Should you be itching to get involved in Deaf culture yourself and would like to know what is going on, we will keep you abreast of exciting events planned by Youthbeat and SADeaf.

In time, we hope to regale you with increasingly engaging content. We are all explorers with an open mind and would love to have you along on this exciting journey.

So gear up! Follow us, share us, bookmark us, even homepage us.

Learn something new. Get involved.

Above all – enjoy yourselves!

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