Welcome to YBlog!

First things first.

A big HELLO from the jolly folks at YBlog!

As part of Youthbeat, a volunteer group with the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf), we aim to promote interest in Deaf culture and, through improving understanding, bring together deaf and hearing youths.

So what can you expect?

To begin with, follow us and you get to enjoy our regular features such as Sign of the Week, where we teach you basic conversation in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL), and monthly articles on various Deaf interest topics.

You can look forward to gaining more insights (quite literally) into Deaf culture and activities through photo essays, event reviews, and various curated content we bring to you from all over the web and world.

Should you be itching to get involved in Deaf culture yourself and would like to know what is going on, we will keep you abreast of exciting events planned by Youthbeat and SADeaf.

In time, we hope to regale you with increasingly engaging content. We are all explorers with an open mind and would love to have you along on this exciting journey.

So gear up! Follow us, share us, bookmark us, even homepage us.

Learn something new. Get involved.

Above all – enjoy yourselves!

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